RFID sniffer

RFID sniffer

About this project

RFID is everywhere. Use the easy to build RFID sniffer to find out if objects are tagged.
The RFID sniffer is a simple analog electronic circuit which can detect the presence of 13.56 MHz RFID tags. These tags are commonly used in all kinds of plastic cards like access badges, bank cards, library cards, loyalty cards and so on. Also many other objects may carry RFID tags without you knowing it. Books, toys, and even clothing might be tagged. Carrying tagged objects with you can reveal your identity or whereabouts to anyone equipped with the appropiate tools to read RFID tags.
The RFID sniffer helps you identify which objects are tagged, and which are not.

Arduino libraries now on Github

RFIDuinoPosted by marc 2011-06-15 18:51
For easy hacking..

Now updated for Arduino 1.0 (backward-compatible with earlier versions).

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SL018 library for Arduino

RFIDuinoPosted by marc 2010-05-12 17:48
The SL018 library for Arduino is available. Examples are included for reading the UID of tags, and for reading/writing of tags.

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RFIDuino discontinued, replaced by StrongLink SL018

RFIDuinoPosted by marc 2010-04-02 22:54
The ready-made StrongLink SL018 Mifare RFID reader module is a more cost-effective solution. It can be ordered online from StrongLink in Beijing, China, and you will have it in a matter of days.

I wrote a simple Arduino sketch for reading tag IDs. It also works with the smaller sized SL030, which runs at 3.3V. A complete Arduino library for reading and writing data sectors on Mifare cards is also available.

More photos »

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SM130 library for Arduino

RFIDuinoPosted by marc 2009-05-01 19:20
My first version of the SM130 library for Arduino is available. It is loosely based on the SonMicroReader library for Processing by Tom Igoe, Timo Arnall and others. This will make it easier to port existing Processing applications to Arduino.

Included are examples for use on the RFIDuino. One does the same as my earlier demo application, the other is an interactive demo, with read/write capability.
I tested with ikTag (Mifare 1K) and tikitag aka touchatag (Mifare Ultralight).

Check out the online documentation.

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RFIDuino workshops at Mediamatic

RFIDuinoPosted by marc 2009-04-07 19:41
Following the huge success of my RFID sniffer workshops, the first RFIDuino workshop will be hosted by Mediamatic in Amsterdam, on May 15th, 2009.

At this workshop you will assemble an RFIDuino, and start coding RFID applications right away on your Arduino. Bring your own Arduino and laptop!

The first workshop is already sold out, but a second is scheduled for June 19th.
Sign in here: http://www.mediamatic.net/page/80456/en

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RFIDuino kit now available

RFIDuinoPosted by marc 2009-04-02 18:48
RFIDuino is a Arduino shield which can read and write 13.56 MHz ISO-14443A (Mifare) RFID tags. It plugs upside-down on top of a Arduino, maintaining a 20mm board to board spacing. Mounting hardware and assembly instructions are included.
Free Arduino code library available soon. Here's a simple example to read tag ids.

The RFDIduino kit is now available at shop.marcboon.com.

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RFIDuino is here!

RFIDuinoPosted by marc 2009-03-31 21:44
This morning I received my first batch of RFIDuino circuit boards. I quickly assembled one to see if my zero-defect design philosophy still holds... and yes, it did!

Even without tweaking the component values, I got clear readings from several types of Mifare tags I have lying around (1K, 4K and UltraLight). Shown here is a Arduino Diecimila next to my RFIDuino, and a ikTag, which is a Mifare 1K RFID tag.
The RFIDuino plugs upside-down onto the Arduino, and has its LEDs mounted through-hole, literally.

In the next few days I will do some more testing and finalize the kit contents. RFIDuino will be in my web shop very soon! I will offer the kit for €45 plus €5 for shipping.
I will also write up some more elaborate code examples, possibly a full-fledged Arduino library, to make life easier for you RFID coders :)

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RFIDuinoPosted by marc 2009-03-11 14:42
RFIDuino is an Arduino shield for reading and writing 13.56 MHz RFID
tags. It consists of a 65x65mm circuit board, which plugs upside-down onto a
standard Arduino (NG, Diecimila, Duemilanove, or BlueTooth).
The board has a build-in antenna and contains all the circuitry to read and write 13.56 MHz ISO-14443A (Mifare) RFID tags. It is connected to the Arduino by I2C, using the Wire library.

I build a prototype during Picnic '08, documented here.
The production version will be available in my web shop from early April.

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