RFID sniffer

RFID sniffer

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RFID is everywhere. Use the easy to build RFID sniffer to find out if objects are tagged.
The RFID sniffer is a simple analog electronic circuit which can detect the presence of 13.56 MHz RFID tags. These tags are commonly used in all kinds of plastic cards like access badges, bank cards, library cards, loyalty cards and so on. Also many other objects may carry RFID tags without you knowing it. Books, toys, and even clothing might be tagged. Carrying tagged objects with you can reveal your identity or whereabouts to anyone equipped with the appropiate tools to read RFID tags.
The RFID sniffer helps you identify which objects are tagged, and which are not.


RFID snifferPosted by marc 2008-08-26 18:11
The circuit board for the RFID sniffer kit has been improved for easier manual soldering (slightly larger pads and traces) and the battery is now mounted in a hole in the board to reduce the overall height.

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Included in the kit is a soft plastic sleeve with ziplock and a lanyard with clip for carrying the RFID sniffer around your neck.

The improved RFID sniffer kit can now be ordered at shop.marcboon.com for €15 (world-wide shipping included).

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A fully assembled version is also available for €40 (world-wide shipping included). The assembled version will use the first generation circuit board until stocks are exhausted.

Both versions will be in stock after September 10, 2008.

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